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Good news from Rajasthan, 14 Coronavirus patients have been successfully treated


Covid-19, which is the major problem now a days because it destroys the peace in the country entirely. Covid-19ot only the people from Rajasthan are struggling because of Covid-19, the entire world is in tremendous fear. The effects due to corona virus is abandon and uncountable. Any were died because of this pandemic disease. As their is no medicine and doctors were struggling to find them.
The countries such as china, Spain, France had faced huge loss. These workers rejected to go through buses and travelled to their villages by walking due to their lockdown, in order to avoid the crowd UPSRTC had announced not obstruct the movement of buses carrying the migrant workers from Delhi and other parts.

Effects of Coronavirus

Affected individuals will have the throat infect Nd affects respiratory tracts of Bird and mammals, including human. This virus also affect gut. It has the a symptoms of normal fever respond for common cold. scientists had proved that it affects cats, dogs, mice etc.., from animals human had get transmitted. symptoms varies from person to person depending upon the individual immune power. Scientists reveals first microscopic image of novel Corona virus. Pregnant women immunologic and physiologic change which might make them more susceptible to viral respiratory infection including Covid-19. When scientists view the virus there were shocked because it was new and there didn’t effect, it will affect the entire world. In this vast world, Covid-19 had became a part and soak the whole universe. Covid-19 had lead to the drop-down in financial and economical growth of India. The people must be strong to face and there must increase their immune power to the body which helps to fight against the viruses. For many disease Their is no medicine in India, but we had the ability to face the situation.

The inner level confidence will make a man to fight against Covid-19. This cut-down will affect economic directly. Economic slowdown has been aggregate by decline in consumption. Many families were leading their livehood through lending, if it has been slowdown them consumption rate were reduced. Money is the backbone to lead a life. If this cut-down as been expanded after three months there also the export export and import. India will come under a financial crises. Trade was largely affected because of pandemic disease, trade ministries are expected to meet soon to access the impact of pandemic on global trade. Financial services are provided by Global Trade, Transport and Global banking. This three were stopped for three months and can extend, which drop the country financially. To avoid unnecessary inference with Traffic and Trade, It had been stopped. Trade ministries should take a alternatives to develop t


Coronavirus patients had been cured by the great effort by the doctors and nurses. This makes the individual more confidence in Rajasthan. scientists reveal first microscopic image of novel corona viruses. But the people and doctors must reveal the first medicine for this pandemic disease. people must be more aware to prevent them. Again, Cleanliness is next to godliness. The proper functioning of immune system makes the individual to come out of Coronavirus.

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