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Government says COVID-19 spread rate goes down by 40% in India due to lockdown

With the extended period of lockdown, the virus is being effectively contained. The rate of spread of the COVID-19 in the country has gone down by 40%, results say. And all the credit goes to the Government which imposed the lockdown, the officials who are strictly imposing it, and the citizens, who are following it. All the doctors, health and sanitation workers, everyone have done their fair share.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world completely. With more than 14k infected and 452 dead from the disease, the death toll rises.
Only in the last 24 hours, totally 1,076 new cases were reported. Previously, 11,616 active cases were present in the country. And almost like 1,766 got recovered from the disease, and one migrated from the country.

While Gujarat recently joined the list with 1000+ infected, it is succeeded by Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Last week, 13% of the infected were recovered. This is a considerable increase compared to the earlier week with 8% recovery.
The lockdown has proved essential and worthy in the containment of the virus, as the doubling rate of cases in our country is less than the average doubling rate. The doubling rate has come down to 6.2 days now, as opposed to 3 days, before lockdown was imposed.

In this country with not so good medical facilities and improper sanitation in the lower line people, there could have been a very huge and devastating impact on the lives without the lockdown. Thanks to the Government.
Also, the health ministry declared that the ratio of infected to dead is 80:20, which is higher than the global average.
Additionally, three varieties of coronavirus have been founded by the Indian Medical Council of Research (ICMR) and no mutations have been noticed yet.

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