Govt clarifies PM’s remark over India-China Galwan clash

In the midst of the assaults from the Opposition that PM Narendra Modi made conflicting cases and said the Chinese soldiers didn’t enter An Indian area, the government said on Saturday that an endeavour is being made to give a “wicked understanding” to the comments made by the PM.

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Giving an explanation over PM Narendra Modi’s comments that “Nobody has entered Indian area or caught any military post “, the PM’s Office said that the Indian fighters thwarted the offence endeavours of the Chinese side and to raise structures in Ladakh on June 15.
The explanation by PMO comes after a few Congress pioneers brought up issues on PM Modi’s comment and inquired as to whether there was no offence by the Chinese, how did the Indian warriors die.

In an announcement, PM’s Office stated, “Endeavours are being made in certain quarters to give an evil understanding to comments by the Prime Minister at the All-Party Meeting (APM) yesterday.” It additionally said that a superfluous debate was being made to bring down the troopers’ spirit.

The PMO has additionally stated, “As respects offence of LAC, it was plainly expressed that the brutality in Galwan on June 15 emerged in light of the fact that Chinese side was trying to raise structures right over the LAC and would not halt from such actions….The penances of the warriors of the 16 Bihar Regiment thwarted the endeavour of the Chinese side to raise structures and furthermore freed the endeavoured offence now from the LAC on that day.”

The statement further added that “the Prime Minister’s perceptions that there was no Chinese nearness on our side of the LAC related to the circumstance as a result of the courage of our military.”

The comments come after a few Opposition pioneers, including Congress pioneers Rahul Gandhi and P Chidambaram said PM Modi’s remarks were “astounding” as they remain in logical inconsistency to what Défense Minister Rajnath Singh, Foreign Minister Jaishankar and the Indian Army has said so far about the Galwan conflict.

PMO has explained, “… expressions of Prime Minister ‘The individuals who attempted to violate our property were shown a befitting exercise by our daring children of the soil’, compactly summarized the ethos and the estimations of our military.”

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Chidambaram said on Saturday Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comment that no outcast was inside An Indian area in Ladakh, had for all intents and purposes left everybody “puzzled and confused”.

Chidambaram said significantly after the PM’s announcement on Friday, China had censured India for the conflicts and had re-stated its case to the whole Galwan Valley.

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“What is the administration’s response to this case? Since China is asserting the whole Galwan Valley, will Government of India dismiss this case,” he inquired.

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