Health Minister Harsh Vardhan appointed as WHO executive board chairman

Health Ministers Harsh Vardhan today took an onus as the chairman of the 34 member world health organization. The Health Minister, who is at the forefront of India’s battle against COVID-19, succeeded Dr Hiroki Nakatani from Japan.”I am aware I am entering this office at a time of global crisis on account of this pandemic.

At a time, when we all understand that there will be many health challenges in the next 2 decades. All these challenges demand a shared responsibility,” mentioned by our renowned chairman of world health organization. The Board consist of 34 members, educated and expertise in the field of health, each one positioned by a member-state elected to do so by the World Health Assembly.

Previously, WHO’s south-east group decided to elect India to execute board for a three-year term. And The proposal to appoint was signed by the 194-nation World Health Assembly. The chairman’s post is held for one year among regional groups and it was decided last year that India’s nominee would be the Executive Board chairman for the first year. It is not a full-time assignment and the minister will just be required to chair the Executive Board’s meetings, an official said.