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Health ministry issues new guidelines stating ‘Patients with mild symptoms of COVID 19 can stay in home isolation’

According to the Union health ministry, people who have mild symptoms or
pre-symptomatic can opt for remaining in self-isolation at their respective residence,
provided that there are certain facilities at home that could keep the patients away
from other family members.

To do so, the Health ministry has sad to assign clinically to be very mild or
presymptomatic by the health officer that will be treating them and by the COVID
care centre. So that they can isolate themselves at their homes as well.

The patients are required to give the status of their health to the district surveillance
so that they can follow up on the next thing to be done. The people living with such
patients are asked to take the help of hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure
and as it has been prescribed by the health officials.

All the cases and people with the severity of symptoms are getting treated in the
the hospital set up with the intent to break the chain and isolate them from the
asymptomatic people said the ministry.

The global shreds of evidence show that the present 80 % cases are that of mild
symptoms while the rest 20% are having chances to develop complications in the
later phase and may require hospital care. the primary treatment is the support for
80% of the people while 15% are on the specific drugs along with oxygen therapy.
The health care ministry has issued the guidelines saying that all the caregivers for
COVID patients should be available 24/7 to help them out. A communication link
between the patient and caregiver is a prerequisite throughout the entire home
isolation. Along with the guidelines, the call for downloading the Arogya Setu app is a
must and should remain active at all times.

Immediate medical attention has to be given if a patient or asymptomatic person
complains about persistent chest pain, mental confusion difficulty in breathing,
developing bluish discolouration of face or lips, or any related symptoms of
pneumonia is said to be given the attention of treating officers.

Patients under self-isolation will end home isolation if the symptoms are clinically
resolved and the medical officer certifies them to be free of the disease or virus after
the proper testing of the person” stated the ministry.
The deaths that have occurred in the country are 934 with the positive number of
cases reaching to 29,435 in the country as of Tuesday according to the ministry.

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