Health Ministry says, ‘Do not anticipate a very worst type of situations like the Developed Nations in India’

As Goa, Tripura, and Manipur have reportedly been declared corona free with no new cases, the curve, unfortunately, has not flattened in the worst-hit states of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Thought the country continues to turmoil in the current on-going COVID-19 virus pandemic, the Health Ministry assured the people that India may not face the same drastic situation as the Western countries.

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“Harsh Vardhan addresses concern”

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan stated on Wednesday that he does not feel India will face a ‘very worse type situation’ like other developed countries like Italy, Unites States, Spain but preparations have been made if the pandemic worsens.
“We do not anticipate a very worst type of situation in our country like many other developed countries but still we have prepared the whole country for the worst situation,” Harsh Vardhan said.

“Improved recovery”

He further said that the recovery rate has improved, and the fatality rate has come down, which are very ‘good indicators’ for the country.
“Our fatality rate in the country continues to be around 3.3% and the recovery rate has climbed up to 29.9%, these are very good indicators. The doubling rate for the last 3 days has been about 11 days, for the last 7 days it has been 9.9 days,” he said.

“We have 843 dedicated hospitals across the country exclusively for COVID patients who have 1,65,991 beds. We also have 1991 dedicated COVID health centres which have 1,35,643 beds and include the beds in isolation beds as well as the ICU beds,” he further added.
In India, the total number of coronavirus cases has risen to 59,662, with 1981 deaths and 17847 cured.

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