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Hyderabad based IIL join hands with Australian Griffith University to develop a vaccine for COVID-19

Indian Immunological Limited (IIL) based in Hyderabad will be working with Australia’s Griffith University to carry out experimental tests to make headway against the obscure pathogen, coronavirus that has infected almost 1.7 million people worldwide with more than 1 lakh deaths. Scientists from both the organisations have collaborated to form “live attenuated SARS-CoV2 vaccine” with the current codon de-optimization technology.

IIL was established by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in 1982 with the aim to produce vaccines at reasonable prices. It plays a crucial role in equipping the market of human pediatric and rabies vaccines in the country. The Chairman of NDDB and IIL, Dilip Rath said this to be a “significant cross-continental collaboration”. Scientists are optimistic about inventing a vaccine for “prophylactic, active, single dose immunization against coronavirus in humans, with an enhanced safety profile”. It is anticipated to have a lasting impact on the patients. On completion of the research, the vaccine will be handed over to IIL and it’s producer will join hands with India’s Central Drug Standard Control Organisation, to perform clinical examinations.

Even Bharat Biotech has taken the initiative to create an intra nasal drip vaccine to fight against the deadly coronavirus and is co-ordinating with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Gluten (a vaccine firm). The Serum Institute of Pune are putting in efforts towards the vaccine. Though latest genomics technology and wide-ranging contribution help in the faster invention of vaccines, yet it is a time consuming process as there are exhaustive testings to go through on humans and animals.

The IIL and the Griffith University are already in a joint venture to direct their innovations towards Zika virus vaccine and is now at a pre-clinical toxicology testing stage.

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