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IIT invents a device to sanitize groceries, currency notes from corona virus

Ultraviolet germicidal radiation (UVGI) is method to make the infectants inactive. It uses a short wavelength ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms by disturbing nuclie acids and disrupting the DNA and unable then to perform their function. It is a device generated by (IIT) Indian Institute of Technology. This device is place at the enterance from where all the items are brought inside including groceries and currency notes. This items are put in to the machine to sanitize them. As ultraviolet germicidal irradiation make the germs inactive and prevent from further spreading.

With coming days and weeks COVID-19 is becoming very dangerous only through social distancing one cannot fight with COVID-19. The UVGI device by IIT is a boon to fight against the virus and will stop it from spreading. Currently people use warm water sterilization method to kill germs and clean vegetables and other items but it is not possible in case of currency notes, newspapers ets. One can take help from the device to prevent themselves from the virus coming through currency notes and vegetables, fruits.

Naresh Rakha Senior Scientific officer at IIT had develiped this scientific solution. The team also recommended that all the items coming from outside including currency notes groceries should be placed inside the machine before use. Also adviced for not looking directly inside the machine as it can be very harmful. According to the health ministry the cases of corona virus are increasing day by day along with the number of deaths. The machine can play an important role in controlling the number of increasing infected people. It is not possible to expect everyone to remain fully disinfected. They come in contact with frequent things like door knobes, handles, furnitures, tables, makeup, toilet flushes, handbag, steering wheels, laptops, pens, books, switches, sinks and can only do the possible amount of disinfectant.

Reusable things, grocery bags which are considered as the highly touched items should be cleaned regularly and this can be cleaned with the help of UVGI machine. UVC light is weak at the earth’s surface as the ozone layer of the atmosphere blocks it UVGI device can produce strong enough UVC light it circulating air and water to make inhospitable environment to microoganisms such as bacteria, viruses, molds, pathogens, UVGI can be coupled with a filteration system to sanitize air and water. The effectiveness of germucidal UV depends on the length of time a microoganism is exposed to UV radiation. The UVGI systems the lamps are sheileded or are in environment that limits ezposure. For human beings skin exposure the germicidal wavelength of UV light can produce severe sun burn and rapid skin cancer.

Exposure of the eyes to this radiation can produce extremely painful inflation of the cornea and temporary or permanent vision imparement or including blindness in some cases. Ultra violet can damage the retina of the eye. The ultraviolet germicidal radiation fixtures designs are also envolving and becoming more efficient while remaining safe but inovative designs are needed to further increase in efficiency while keeping manugacturing cost low.

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