Thriller “IIT KRISHNAMURTHY” is now streaming on Amazon Prime and Dvdwap

After reading the title IIT Krishnamurthy, one expects a drama or a movie based on a student’s college life, but this film turns out to be a thriller punch. The story revolves around Krishnamurthy who is an IIT Bombay student and the hunt for his missing uncle in Hyderabad. The entire plot is based on the mysterious missing case of Krishnamurthy’s uncle.

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The film is written by Manapaka Nagarjuna and directed by SreeVardhan. Maira Doshi is seen playing the female lead while the male lead of the movie is Pruthvi Dandamudi. The film also starred Vinay Varma and Satya Akkala. Watch the suspense thriller on Amazon prime now. The subtitles of Telugu film is available in English on this digital platform. Music is done by Naresh Kumaran.

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