In How Many Deals Did Anupam Mittal Invested In Shark Tank India?

Anupam Mittal is an Indian entrepreneur, a former actor, founder of the people’s group, and the founder of the matrimonial website Anupam has gained much attention after his appearance as a judge in the well-known business reality show The Shark tank India where he was the ‘gyani’ baba of shark tank because of his tremendous knowledge on business terms. Anupam’s gesture of making ‘shikanji’ for all the sharks in the platform has won the hearts of many.

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In How Many Deals Did Anupam Mittal Invested In Shark Tank India?

There were many sharks including Anupam who managed to invest a handsome amount in various start-up companies. The match-maker Anupam managed to invest a total sum of Rs.5.38 crores in 24 deals in the show.

Here is the list of 24 start-ups Anupam invested in:

  • Skippie Ice Pops
  • CosIQ
  • Revamp Moto
  • Heart Up My Sleeves
  • VivaLyf
  • Meat your
  • Thinkerbell Labs
  • Loka
  • Carrageen
  • The Yarn Bazaar
  • InACan
  • Bamboo India
  • Let’s Try Foods
  • Find Your Kicks India
  • Sunfox Technologies
  • The Quirky Naari
  • Hair Originals
  • The Sass Bar
  • PawsIndia
  • Watt Technovations
  • Tweak Labs
  • Jain Shikanji

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