India comes up with very own action game Fau-G, Akshay Kumar says it will help India’s #AatmNirbhar movement, check here

AatmaNirbhar Bharat, or self-reliant I was a scheme launched by the Prime Minister of India dedicated to making India a self-reliant nation. There has been a lot of thinking put into this scheme and this was launched somewhere in the admix of the global pandemic of Corona Virus.

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During these times when there was a ban on most of the Chinese products and apps, the very popular game of PUBG was also banned.

PUBG; or Players Unknown Battleground is a thriller where its a Fight Till Death situation. Taking over the minds of most of the people, where some may also term it to be an addicting game, most describe it as a Fun Experience to Play Online and as a Worthwhile experience, and a span of immense bonding to share with almost any friend.

For all the free time that all the teenagers had during this pandemic, PUBG became a major past time until; to the disappointment of a lot of people, it was banned.

But, these online game players won’t be disappointed for long, as India plans to launch a new, and it’s very own, for the first time, a thriller, brain-twisting charade of an Action Game by the name FAUG.

Fearless and United Guards, or FAU — G will be launched soon enough. Its brand ambassador, Akshay Kumar recently tweeted about how this is a part of the scheme of AatmaNirbhar India.

This multiplayer game is again a Win to Play category game, but detailing of the game are scheduled to be released later.

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The most important and admirably differential thing about this game is that 20% of the net revenue generated by the game will be dedicated to the Bharat ke Veer Trust.

 “For youngsters in India, gaming is becoming an important form of Entertainment. With FAU – G, I’m hoping that as they play the game they will learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers and also contribute to the families of the martyrs; and with this, each one of us has the ability to support PM Modi’s vision of Atma Nirbhar ” said Akshay Kumar when asked to clarify what exactly it is all about.

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Of Course, an overwhelming response is expected from this new launch of entertainment. And as it turns out, #FAUG is now one of the trending hashtags used on social media.

It’s a wait and watches the game till then for us and we wish them good luck as we wait for the launch!

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