India leads initiative at the UN to counter misinformation on Coronavirus


India along with 12 other countries has taken a lead to counter the misinformation on the coronavirus, with over 130 nations supporting the worldwide call to fight the “infodemic” regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

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UN Secretary-general Antonio Guterres has said that apart from fighting the deadly pandemic, The world is observing a Dangerous Outbreak of misinformation about harmful health advice and speeches about the antidotes.

Last month, The United Nations launched “Verified”, Which is an initiative to combat against the increasing menace of COVID-19 misinformation by raising the reach of trusted precise information.

On the other hand, COVID-19 has created conditions like Fake News, Spreading Of Disinformation and Divide Communities.
The “Verified” Initiative will work on breaking the trend of misinformation with hopeful content that doesn’t affect the actions of Mankind and will be the world’s leading social mobilization organisation.

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