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India to not rush to exit the lockdown and advises to aim for a 10 week lockdown says the editor in chief of The Lancet

At the point when everyone accept that the lockdown is going to end in a couple of days and life is returning to ordinary. Richard Horton, the editor in chief of the world’s old and best clinical journal, The Lancet, suggested the country to not rush into an exit from lockdown and educated to watch a base with respect to 10 weeks lockdown to battle against the pandemic.

In an exclusive interview with India Today, Horton said, “I understand that everybody wants to come back to normal and understands that everyone wants to resume their economic activity. But please, please, I really urge you to don’t rush this, because if you rush going back to work or lifting the lockdown then it would be even worse. Then you have to go all the way beginning of your lockdown. You invested so much time and effort in your current lockdown. So, don’t waste that time and effort you invested. Keep going with this as much as you can possibly with a 10-weeks lock down.”

He further elaborated that, “The situation of pandemic is different in different parts of the world. We are still in a position of extreme danger. The vaccine would be manufactured by December, but for the considerable time we need something else to get out of lockdown, the only way to get out in the peak of epidemic is test , test and test as many as possible and to keep the reproduction of virus as lowest as possible.”
Medicinal services laborers are particularly presented to the infection and in this way, I encourage to lead test for them once in every week included Horton.

Later Horton explained and prompted how the things ought to be after lockdown that, the epidemic in every nation won’t be always, it will burn itself out. Our nations are making the best choice to control the infection. On the off chance that the lock down is fruitful in India you could see a decrease in the scourge around the finish of a 10-week time obviously. And still, at the end of the day the things probably won’t be totally typical, physical cleanliness, wearing of face covers and social separating must be practitioned. Additionally, should expand the test limit, fast detachment and contact following must be done precisely the manner in which India doing it at the present time.

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