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India to seek wristband patient monitoring as lockdown eases

It has been said that India will be manufacturing a number of wristbands that will help to
monitor the temperature changes and location of the symptomatic patients and help in the contact tracing of these patients.

The main aim of this project is to trace quarantined patients and help the healthcare workers and other people delivering essentials of services.
India is leveling up the surveillance as they try to release some tension caused due to the
biggest lockdown to save the people from the outbreak.

A report of 19,987 cases has been confirmed in India with the death pole accounting to 640 in the country. The experts have a fear that there can still be a rise in the peak of the coronavirus outbreak.
Thousands of the wristbands are said to be deployed but the exact number has not been
confirmed yet by the government.

It is similar to the exactly same monitor used in Hong Kong where the authorities use this to identify the overseas travelers to isolate them and prevent the formation of coronavirus chains.
The design of the wristbands will be represented to everyone nest week in cooperation with the similar Indian startups to manufacture them. This will be done by a government-owned company, Broadcast Engineering Consultants India.

“The wrist bands are likely to be rolled out in Many” said the chairman of the company,
George Kuruvilla.
The app that was built in the interest to identify people with similar symptoms or if they need any help called- Arogya Setu has been downloaded by over 50 million times since it was launched on April 2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the population of 1.3 billion to download this app and help them in the contact tracing procedure.

George Kuruvilla said that the app has the ability to integrate the data captured. He said that the apps will be used to monitor any movements of the quarantined patients both at the homes of these people and at the hospitals. the band will also help to monitor the
temperature spikes and changes. If the patient tries to move outside of their quarantine
zones, it will send an alert to the health officials. the device also comprises of an emergency button that can be used by people to call for help.

The band also provides information to the health care workers if the people caught moving out have been to high-risk zones or have been in contact with an infected person while helping the ones who are delivering essential services in the pandemic.
It will be capturing all the places and routes visited by the infected person or wearer.

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