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India will begin Covid19 Vaccine’s clinical trials in 3-5 months

With the pandemic getting worse each day, the only solution is a vaccine. So researchers and scientists from all over the world are racing against time to make out a vaccine. There are more than 100 vaccine candidates working. And India has 14 candidates working at different levels. The WHO is coordinating all their efforts.

India’s Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Sunday, that 4 out of these 14 vaccine candidates will move to the clinical trial stage in the next 3-4 months. He also said that the Industry and Academics are playing a key role in the process by contribution. Also, the Ministry of Science is supporting the Department of Biotechnology in all their efforts.

Vardhan also said that the Government will provide Financial support and Regulatory Control to all those working on it.

He had also said that the period required to make a vaccine cannot be told exactly. But it can be around a year to get out a proper vaccine into existence. Thus, until then, social vaccines like a mask, and social distancing should be in place.

The PM CARES fund has decided upon allocating ₹100 crores for the efforts in the development of the vaccine.

Also, the Department of Biotechnology has been made a central coordination agency to identify pathways for the development of the vaccine.

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