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Indian origin doctor appointed as New York’s new Health Commissioner.

It’s a very proud moment for India as the nation’s Indian origin Dr. Dave A Chokshi is now appointed as New York city’s new health commissioner. Earlier Chokshi worked in the Advisory Group of Prevention, Health Promote and Integrative and Public Health in the year 2016.
Dr. Dave A Chokshi, a 39 year old Indian origin physician experienced in public health, in view of his hardwork and playing a crucial role in treating the Coronavirus challenges faced by the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio praised him for his work and is now appointed as New York’s new health commissioner by him.
“Never has that been more true than during the COVID-19 pandemic, where he has helped lead our City’s public health system under unprecedented challenges”. Mayor Bill de Blasio said.
Chokshi was named as the new commissioner of New York city health department on Tuesday, 4th August. Dr Oxiris Harbor who was the previous health commissioner resigned from her post, so Chokshi was appointed to serve the new health commissioner’s post.
Chokshi was also a White House fellow when Barack Obama was the president of the country who invited young and hardworking graduates to work in the White House.
Dr. Chokshi also served at the Louisiana Department of Health before and after Hurricane Katrina, with a focus on reshaping the State’s healthcare system. He earned his medical degree in global public health from the University of Oxford.
Chokshi trained at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School and Brigham & Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School.
Former General Surgeon Vivek Murthy congratulated Chokshi for his appointment.
“Each of those experiences further forged my conviction that we must build toward better health systems with prevention at the center and a more proactive approach to avoidable human suffering. We are in a better place with COVID-19 than we were this spring thanks to the efforts of New Yorkers, the administration, the Health Department, and Health Hospitals….The role of public health is central and clear. Just as with my patients in the clinic, our public health approach must begin with listening to patients.” Dr. Chokshi said.

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