Hand-made artefacts or Posh dining, INSIDE PICS of Kangana Ranaut’s renovated Mumbai Home!

Actress Kangana Ranaut shared glimpses of her Mumbai house as it is being revamped. 

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Hand-made artefacts or Posh dining, INSIDE PICS of Kangana Ranaut's renovated Mumbai Home!

She was painting her walls green this time. She shared a video of the house filled with multiple antique pieces of furniture. The actor said, “When you spend most of your life-changing the interior of your house, rather than actually living in it.” The video featured the living room of her house which is attached to a big balcony filled with indoor plants. It was decked up with wooden bookshelves, an antique record player, a wall clock, and a vintage-style dining table with a glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The room was filled with several artefacts, paintings and artworks. Even some artworks were put up on a wall.

She shared another picture on Instagram featuring a staff working on furnishing the house. She added to the caption, “Can’t wait for it all to come together. The only problem is there is no rest for the restless.” She also offered a sneak peek into her freshly painted wall and said, “Have gone green!!! Love!”

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