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Jubilant Life Science have said that there’s no trace of virus in imported goods

Recently, Jubilant Life Science which is temporarily suspended last month for after a worker tested positive for coronavirus at Mysuru pharmaceutical operations said that, there’s no trace of virus has been found in the imported material sample from the facility after a worker tested positive.

They also said that there are following all the protocols for preventing Covid-19, they are also taking care of employees and making sure that there all safe.
It is unfortunate that the wrong perception was created in public and media about the Raw Material imported from China, the press release stated.
Jubilant Life Science said that the raw materials which are imported from China has been tested negative at National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune. The person who tested positive form coronavirus last month had not travelled from China or to any other country in the last six months.

On 11th March (Wednesday), a person who was treated in government hospital has been discharged on recovery, Jubilant Life Science said.
The Mysuru factory mainly produces azithromycin, dihydrate and azithromycin which are the key factor of making drugs, used in treating respiratory tract infections, including this deadly disease coronavirus.

Drug makers have permission to work except for Jubilant Life Science which is suspended temporary for safety measures. All its personnel were also put under self-quarantine.
“All the evidence and very known scientific facts published by reputed global organizations, available so far, indicates that the virus does not survive for more than 72 hours on any surface. The raw materials sampled from the Nanjangud facility has taken more than three weeks of transit to reach the plant of se route and no virus can survive this long on any surface” said by Jubilant Life Science.

The New England Journal of Medicine had on March 17th said that no virus can survive on any surface more than 72 hours. It is extremely unlikely that the infection takes place from its imported from infected countries. Said by Dr Abdul Gaffur, infectious disease specialist, Apollo hospital, Chennai.

On Sunday, test for coronavirus were conducted on 1,500 employees which 70%, of which 3% are tested positive from coronavirus, and 35% are tested negative and other’s results are still awaited. The company had started supplying hand-sanitizer to central and state government for free of cost. Senior management team is taking stock of every employee’s well being on a daily basis, said company executive.

“The company values the support it has received from all levels of government authorities, including the district administration, police, public health department and the community around its facility. Jubilant is constantly communicating and working with them to mitigate the situation arising out of Covid19,” said the company.

MLA Harshvardhan told the ACP that there is no high-level pressure to re-open Jubilant Generics. The government should not give permission until the comprehensive probe is conducted and the source of infection ism cleared. Parashivamurthy assured a transparent probe and the department will not succumb to any kind of pressure.
Mysuru District Health Officer Dr. R Venkatesh said “all the possible causes of the outbreak was being investigated, including import chemicals from China and visits by foreign delegates to the campus. CCTV footage, company records regarding visitor details, travel history, material movement are being probed.

A Public Interest Litigation has been filed in the Karnataka High Court against Jubilant Generics on ground of negligence in protecting its employees from Covid-19. The Company, part of the Jubilant Bharatia Group.
Advocate Geetha Mishra has sought the High Court to direct the state government to take a strict action against Jubilant for negligence in protecting its employees.

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