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Kangana Ranaut PROMOTES Uorfi Javed’s BOLD FASHION LOOKS!

Urfi Javed, a television actress and fashion Diva who is known for her diy dresses and often hits headlines for her choice of outfits, has received support from Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. The two actresses got to talking pertaining to a post about Pathaan and it’s now ended at Kangana citing the example of Mahadevi Akka to back Urfi’s bold choice of clothes.

Kangana Ranaut PROMOTES Uorfi Javed's BOLD FASHION LOOKS!

Kangana and Urfi’s conversation started when the television actress questioned the divide in Queen actress’ posts, pertaining to actors and their religion. In her viral post, Kangana said that India has only and only loved Khans, making a reference to the success of Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback film Pathaan.

Reacting to this, Urfi had written: “Oh my gosh! What is this division, Muslim actors, Hindu actors? Art is not divided by religion. There are only actors.” Kangana then replied to Urfi’s take with a tweet that read: “Yes my dear Uorfi that will be an ideal world but it’s not possible unless we have The Uniform Civil Code, till the time this nation is divided in the constitution itself it will remain divide, Let’s all demand Uniform Civil Code from @narendramodi ji in 2024 Manifesto. Shall we?” To this, Urfi said: “Uniform would be a bad idea for me ma’am! I’m popular only because of my clothes.” Kangana then penned two posts, wherein she cited the example of Mahadevi Akka. The actress backed the Bigg Boss OTT contestant and talked about self-expression in her viral posts. Kangana’s tweet read: “In India, there was a Queen called Mahadevi Akka, who loved Shiva her husband before the court said if she loved Shiva and not him then she shouldn’t take anything from him, she dropped all her clothes left the palace and never covered her body again.”

She further added, “Clothes and a lack of them. Both are self-expression, Mahadevi Akka is a shining star In the world of Kannada literature she is the greatest, she lived in forests and never wore clothes. Don’t let anyone shame you about your body, you are pure and divine, my love to you.”

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