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Kerala’s Finance Minister says ‘The Coronavirus curve has flattened in the state’

The state which was in second place after Maharashtra to report the highest number of cases a few weeks ago is now way down in the state-case tally. With 36 recoveries and only two deaths, Kerala has proved that they have done a great job in fighting the pandemic.

With 376 active cases now, 179 have recovered and only 2 have died. These statistics have placed the state in position 10 among all the states and Union Territories of the Asian country.
Absolutely no new case was reported and 39 have recovered recently, which is a piece of really good news for the state. 

Tweet of the state’s Finance Minister Thomas Isaac:

“COVID-19 curve of Kerala has started to flatten. The active cases for the last one week has declined. The recovered cases (green curve) will cross the yellow curve soon,” were the words of Kerala’s Finance Minister on Twitter, as he expresses his hope over the number of recoveries. While the green curve represents the recovered cases, the yellow curve denotes the active cases. 


The measures they took to fight the pandemic have brought such good results to the state. 
The state reported the first positive case in the country. The patient was a student who came back straight from the ground zero, Wuhan of China. Later, two more students from the same place had tested positive in the state. They were kept in home quarantine and their contacts were identified. But the virus was highly contained. 
This was the result of strict lockdown and also a door to door inspection.

Then another family came from abroad and tested positive for the virus. An elderly person of their family and also the nurse who served them tested positive. But it was prevented from being spread any further. 

A large number of the patients were those who returned from abroad, around 232. The virus was contained and thus not many local people got affected by that. 
Measures taken by the Government:
The state took many measures to face the pandemic. They released exhaustive route maps of positive patients, enforced a large police group to make the lockdown carry out as strictly as possible. Over 30k health workers followed up with the families in isolation. The essential commodities were delivered directly to their doorstep. They also served essential foodgrains and meals to some of the needy. 
With all these strict measures, the state is now able to see the deaths curve flatten and the recovery rate rising. The Government is also expressing hope to remove this lockdown soon.

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