Komal Pandey’s boss lady like “comeback after her breakup”.

Komal Pandey is a Fashion Blogger and Youtuber also. She was born on June 18 in New Delhi, India. She completes her school from Delhi. She belongs to Brahim Family. Her brother named Micku.

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She has two best friends Dolly and Ankush. She has also seen hanging out with Siddharth Batra. She has named their group as ‘Teampixel‘.

Komal started a blog ‘TheCollegeCouture’ that was related to fashion.

Komal Pandey underwent surgery to look ‘perfect’. She has undergone lip surgery. She has also talked about body shaming and about her struggle to their interviews.

She joined Youtube on Aug 27, 2017. She has gained over 900k followers on Youtube. Her views on Youtube are above 66million.

Her posts are related to fashion and comedy. She has 1million followers on her Instagram.

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