Kusha Kapila is yet again “breaking stereotypes” with a new video on “women working after marriage”…

Kusha Kapila is an Indian Content writer, actress and social media celebrity who works for iDiva, she’s also known for playing Billi Maasi. In her latest video posted on Instagram, she addresses several of the stereotypes where the wife needs her husband’s “Permission” in order to work. She says that a working wife should be normalised, not glorified since there’s no difference between a working husband and a working wife. In the captions, she says “let’s 👏glorify 👏better👏things👏” which has been rightfully said by the actress.

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Many of the comments have been mainly positive, since many of them agree with her words, and added anecdotes such as helping with household chores and other domestic work that the husband is not expected to do. However, in the words of Kusha Kapila, doing household chores and working should be normalised as they are partners rather than separate units and expectations.


Kusha also added a note where she acknowledges that there may be differences in culture, privilege and traditions, however, one mustn’t own the other and as they are their own individual selves, their actions are entirely their own.

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