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Lack of facilities and PPEs: Nurses face a lot of difficulties while on their duties in the national capital

The situation of nurses has turned more serious as twenty-one nursing workers in the urban center have already tested positive for the deadly virus.
It is difficult for the nurses as they struggle to require care of the patients and conjointly defend themselves from the virus.
They say that they’re able to fight the virus without worrying, however, they cannot do this if they are not given the required tools and weapons. The doctors too have their families. Not several would love to let their family enter such a crisis. This can be nothing in short of a war.

With the occurrence of COVID-19, whereas most of the individuals are asked to remain at home, there’s a group of individuals functioning on the opposite line.
Amidst this occurrence, where developed countries like the U.S.A., Italy, Kingdom of Spain are reporting loads of cases and deaths day by day, the current scenario in the Asian country can be thought of as a boon. Even with the preparations, if India gets stuck in such a large unfold, it’s nearly unlikely to survive it, with insufficient medical facilities.

While it’s like this, there’s a group of individuals fighting endlessly with the Virus. The zero warriors. All the doctors and nurses in the hospitals are operating in direct contact with the virus. These individuals are facing the virus ever since its occurrence.
The doctors diagnose the patients whereas the nurses’ are those who endlessly pay attention to them.

“There are 3 shifts a day: morning, evening and night. those within the day ar six hours long which in the dark is twelve hours at a stretch. just one out of 3 nurses have gotten the PPE(Personal protecting Equipment) “, they say.
It is challenging for nurses to figure for over four hours in those protecting suits. It makes them suffocate. Even then, they’re operating for a minimum of half-dozen hours. some of them are equipped with nothing however their robe-de-chambre, the uniform that they use whereas they perform their duties on a traditional day.
It is vital to confirm that they’re safe cause while not them we’d basically lose this war, that queries the survival of humanity on earth. Therefore, it’s necessary to supply them with essential PPE.

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