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Maharashtra will resume business but now safety is the priority says, Anil Deshmukh


Due to Lockdown, many employees are affected financially and they are given leave and send to their native. In some government-approved company are running during this lockdown by giving wages. There are given leave twice in the week and going to the company for two days. Even though they are given the full salary. But the lockdown is extended, many private limited are given leave. the country is affected financially. But the Maharashtra government planned to resume the work without considering the safety of the workers. Not only in Maharashtra the company are running in every part of the world it is happening. Many workers are in fear and suffering to save themselves from the Covid-19.

“Being chances”

The company with the low market are working to increase the supply in this lockdown. As many governments limited is stopped. It is being as a chance to increase their welfare. But it is the act against humanity. The money will not save one from the Covid-19 only the way they protect themselves is a must. The workers are going to work to support their families financially. This was used by many multinational companies and increasing the cases in the country. In a locality, every limited are get closed after any impact. so, to be precautionary every company should obey the rules of the government and fight against the Covid-19. In some cases, the companies are forcing the workers to work. The entire family will depend upon the men in that family. If he is affected the whole family will face the impact. This should not be continued anymore. So, the immediate action should be taken by the government to overcome the crises and reduce the impact of Covid-19. Better development and future generation.

“Trivial against Mankind”

Covid-19 breakdown affects the entire world so, national wide lockdown had been made by the government. Though the nation was in lockdown, the number of cases is increased globally. In order to prevent the spread, many nations are supporting for further extension. The prime minister of Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh suggest for further lockdown. If the lockdown had been stopped, it will result in an increase in attack. The entire world will face the situation which cannot be overcome. so, the prime minister Narendra Modi had planned to extend the lockdown for two more weeks. The official announcement is not yet received. but it will be announced soon.

“Reason for lockdown”

Everything thing lies in the way man react to the surrounding. If their thing safety is first then it is better to be a healthy man. At first, China is affected by Covid-19 and many were lost life because of this pandemic disease. Within a month India has been affected and the cases increased. so, the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi had announced the national wide lockdown for a few weeks. If someone is violating the rules they can be arrested under section 144. But the disease is not reduced. The main motive of the lockdown us to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and make the people to be comfortable. As there is no medicine for Coronavirus, the lockdown had been made.


Each one should have awareness of Covid-19. It is not easy to overcome without our cooperation. Unity is strength. It will be applicable to everything and everyone. Without the help of the public, it is difficult to overcome this pandemic disease. without violating the rules lead by government, each citizen should follow and have a healthy lifestyle. we should be a role model for the next generation.

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