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Major Gas Leak at an LG Polymer Plant in Vishakhapatnam left many dead and thousands of people fell sick

In the early hours of Thursday, LG polymers company at RR Venkatapuram in Gopalapatnam area of Visakhapatnam experienced a colossal gas leakage with the death count tolling at 8 and many others severely injured. Quite a number of residents of the area got stuck in their homes and the police faced a lot of difficulties to bring them out as even they were unable to enter into the colonies, informed the Assistant Commissioner of Police Swarooparanu.

An NDRF team rushed to the spot for rescue and those who could come out were immediately taken to the hospital.
As reported, 3 persons died at KGH casualty ward, two others at RP ward and three died on spot. Even animals are found to have choked to death.

The King George Hospital doctors said that the gas leaked is styrene. It has an adverse effect on our brain and spine. On coming in contact with oxygen in the atmosphere, styrene elevates the level of carbon monoxide in the air leading to immediate respiratory trouble and later affecting the brain and the spine.

The hospital has been equipped with ventilators for the convenience of the patients. The Eastern Naval Command (ENC) has furnished them with a multifeed oxygen supply system for the COVID-19 victims which is now being used for these patients for oxygen support.

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has ordered district collector Vinaychand and police commissioner RK Meena to look into the matter and handle it carefully so that they can save more lives. He has also requested Simchalam temple to provide shelter to the abandoned people in cottages and other function halls.

The gas has spread like a wildfire in almost 20 villages around the polymer plant. The ambulances that were on duty for carrying coronavirus patients were directed to shift these people to a safer area.

The company was founded in 1961 as Hindustan Polymers for the production of Polystyrene and its co-founders located in Visakhapatnam has associated with Mc Dowell Co. Ltd. Of UB Group in 1978.

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