Maruti Suzuki collaborated with AgVA Healthcare to develop and supply 10000 ventilators by May end

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL)- India’s leading car making industry will finish off its first mass order of 10,000 ventilators in partnership with AgVa Healthcare, an authorised ventilator producer, to the Central Govt by May end.

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AgVa Healthcare is a rising start-up company trying to expand ventilator production across the nation. MSIL Chairman R C Bhargava said that the Govt. had appealed to lend them a helping hand in the manufacturing of ventilators to combat the battle against COVID-19. The first ventilator was put together on April 11, within 10 days of the joint efforts of MSIL and AgVa.

The MSIL ratified a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the AgVA on March 30 and have been successful in constructing 1250 ventilators till now. Bhargava added that currently 250-300 ventilators are being manufactured regularly and by the end of April, this will be boosted to 400 per day. Thus, they will be able to dispense 10,000 ventilators by the month end of May.

AgVa Healthcare is supervising the “technology and performance related” functions for the ventilators while the MSIL has asked it’s suppliers to furnish them with essential constituents and help them in the upgradation of productivity and quality of the ventilators.
Bhargava even appreciated AgVa for maintaining standard of their products and said they would prove beney to the country if they can keep up the pace and equip their products abroad.

MSIL has also joined hands with another organisation to manufacture masks during this crisis, confirmed Bhargava. Already two lakh masks have been donated to Haryana and one lakh to Gujarat. The company owner is thinking of making a donation of two million masks for all the frontline workers of COVID-19.

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