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Meitu App | Beauty Cam, Easy Photo Editor, Status Maker | Chinese App


The B612 of China? Or The PicsArt of China? The most famous online photo editor and status maker application in China is Meitu. It is China’s top-rated and the most used application for editing the photographs. Users can edit their pictures by using multiple filters available. Not only editing, users can give a beauty retouch to their pictures and can also make collages. Meitu was created in March 2013 by Wu Xinhong, the CEO of Meitu. The daily users of the application are 52 million and monthly are 270 million.

Best 5 Alternatives Of Meitu App

1. Google SnapseedGoogle Snapseed is one of the best application for professional photographers developed by Google. The only purpose of this application is to edit images but it does not support capturing images on iOS smartphones. Google Snapseed was launched in June 2011. It has over 100M+ downloads on Android. It is 100% safe and virus free. This application has 29 filters and various tools to give double exposure or glamour glow. Using this app can be quite challenging for first-time users. Google Snapseed is a free app and can be used as an alternative of Meitu App.

2. B612 – B612 is an application especially for Selfies. B612 was launched on August 13, 2013. It has over 500M+ downloads on Android. It is 100% safe and virus free. Users can apply dozens of filters on their photographs before sharing it to any of their social networks. It has around 1,500 stickers. Users can create high-quality music videos. The B612 is a filter camera app developed by Snowcorp Corporation, South Korea.

3. Adobe Lightroom – Adobe Lightroom is one of the best application for professional photographers. This application allows viewing, editing and organizing multiple pictures. Adobe Lightroom was launched on February 19, 2007. It has over 100M+ downloads on Android. It is 100% safe and virus free. This application has many filters which add various effects. The premium version of this app provides more advanced features. The Adobe Lightroom is a free app developed by Adobe Systems.

4. PicsArt – PicsArt is one of the best photo editing apps and can be used instead of Meitu App. It has a built-in camera, collage-maker, video editor and more. It has over 500M+ downloads. It is 100% safe and virus free. This application is famous and widely used for its remixing features. This feature helps you to remix any photo that is free to use. The Gold feature of PicsArt provides more advanced features like hundreds of masks, collages, stickers, frames etc. PicsArt was launched in November 2011 by Hovhannes Avoyan, Artavazd Mehrabyan, Mikayel Vardanyan.

5. Candy Camera – Candy Camera is a photo editing app which allows its users to edit their photographs and post it on their social media accounts. This app has a huge range of filters, frames and sticker options. It has over 100M+ downloads on Android. It is 100% safe and virus free. Candy Camera was launched on November 23, 2013. Apart from the filters, this application provides various editing tools which will enhance the photograph. JP Brothers, Inc., South Korea developed Candy Camera.

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Meitu App banned in India? Why?

Yes, The Meitu app is banned in India and there are many more apps like Meitu which got banned in India. Now the question arises here is why did this ban actually happen? The answer to the above question is that the Indian Government have never given its clear answer regarding these banned apps but according to us, they banned these apps to boycott Chinese products because personal data of the users were directly handed over to the app administrators which is a threat to national security. All of this compelled the Indian Government to ban this Chinese App.

Is Meitu App is Safe 2020?

No, Meitu App is not a safe app for editing pictures because when you install this app, they ask for some permissions and 95% of the users allow their permissions without reading and then the app administrators are able to access the user’s location, phone number and your phone’s IMEI number. Instead of using this app, you can download other alternative apps which we’ve mentioned above.

Difference between Meitu App vs B612 Camera

1. B612 Camera has a Selfie Timer which helps its users to adjust themselves while taking selfies whereas Meitu App doesn’t have this feature.

2. B612 camera provides its users wide range of beautiful filters whereas Meitu App provides limited range of filters.

3. B612 Camera has a Touch Mode feature in which users are allowed to click pictures just by tapping anywhere on the screen whereas Meitu App doesn’t have this feature.

4. In B612, users can merge two videos and makes it one whereas Meitu App cannot merge two videos.

5.Meitu Photo Editor destroys the image quality whereas B612 doesn’t destroys the picture quality.

How you can still access Meitu App after the ban?

Steps to access Meitu App are as follows:

Step-1 Download Turbo VPN App from Google Play Store.

Step-2 Select China VPN Server and connect it.

Step-3 Now you can easily access Meitu app in your device even in India.

Meitu Reviews

Meitu has a 4.4 scale rating on Google Play Store. Users claimed it to be a great platform for Beauty Cam, Easy Photo Editor, Status Maker. Users also shared their experiences after using the Meitu App and said that Meitu is one of the best apps for Editing Portrait Photos. Meitu is a free editing app which comes with the best features and filters for editing pictures.


We at Freshtalk do not support or promote these banned apps thus we suggest our readers go for the alternatives of this Meitu App as this app breaches the privacy concern of the users and poses threat to National Security. We support the decision of our government authorities.

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