Harsh Beniwal’s new video gets this “amazing appreciation” from Milind Gaba on his recent video…

Youtuber Harsh Beniwal with over 10 million followers dropped his latest video, “Hijacked” on the 30th of November, which has been loved by his subscribers and all alike. Though most comments are cheering on how good the video is, some are lamenting over why it is not trending on the platform yet.

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Most notably, Milind Gaba, singer and songwriter posted a swipe up Instagram story applauding the acting talent and hard work of Harsh Beniwal and his team.

In response, Harsh too reposted the story on his Instagram.


The nearly 40 minutes long video is an engaging piece of work, focusing on three characters, Amar, Akbar and Anthony and how just like the name suggests plans to hijack a plane, “to get their voices heard”. There are many familiar faces in the video including the likes of Pratistha Sharma, Mohit Chhikara and so on.

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