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MNCs, BPOs, ITeS in Gurgaon extended the work from home till July end

The Delhi NCR region appears to amongst the worst-hit areas in India as the spread of cases of the novel COVID-19 continues to spread in these places. To control the pandemic, the Gurugram BPOs, MNCs, and IT-enabled Services may be directed to order work from home for their employees up until July end by the administration authorities according to sources.

“Gurugram cases’

As Gurugram is one of the most prominent automobile industry and corporate hub, the region has recorded 51 confirmed COVID-19 cases and thus will fall under the red zone areas. To prevent further contamination and spread, the Gurugram administration proposed the measure to impose work from home for all employees of these companies for their safety.

“Mandated work from home till the end of July”

Gurgaon Metropolitan Development Authority CEO VS Kundu told news agency PTI that
the decision is likely to be taken amid the surging number of coronavirus cases in the city.

“As of now, it appears this advisory for work from home will continue till the end of July. All those who have offices in Gurugram should continue to work from home to the extent
possible,” Kundu said, who is also the in charge of handling the coronavirus pandemic in
the city. Earlier in March, the administration had sent out an advisory notice to the MNCs, BPOs, and IT-enabled services to begin the work from home provision to ensure the safety of their employees. Mr Kundu added that all companies must ensure that their employee’s practice working from home, except for the manufacturing sector as they are an exception to this measure.

“Construction work to resume”

Addressing the issue of construction projects and sites in Gurugram, Mr Kundu had stated
that several real estate projects have gotten permission to resume construction but must
adhere to the strict social distancing norms and shall also undergo screening. Further, he
informed that few construction sites at the GMDA and NHAI projects have been permitted to continue their work while strictly following the required guidelines and rules.

“Construction sites where labourers are already staying on the site or those where labourers stay within walking distance are allowed to resume work while adhering to social distancing norms. Such is the nature of the coronavirus pandemic that no one knows when we will go back to the previous normal. You may have to go to a new normal,” Kundu added.

“Lockdown relaxations”

It is suspected that the nationwide lockdown shall be extended to Phase 3 past May 3,
2020, except for certain areas receiving relaxation if they experience no to very
few cases. Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal had earlier stated that in residential areas that have not been classified as hotspots will be allowed to open certain non-essential shops as a part of the staggering exit that people had hoped for.

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