Newlyweds Aditya Narayan and Shweta celebrate one month anniversary in “most romantic way”…

Television reality show host and singer Aditya Narayan tied the knot with television actress Shweta Aggarwal on 1 December 2020. It has been a month already, and the cute lovebirds are celebrating a month of togetherness. On their first month anniversary, the couple went on a dinner date at Bastin in Mumbai.

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Taking to his Instagram profile, he shared some major couple goals photos and wishes his beautiful wife a Happy Month Anniversary.

Sharing the clicks on his Instagram handle he wrote in Hindi , “Happy #monthverysary to my dearest wifey.. मज़ाक़ मज़ाक में एक महीना भी बीत गया! ऐसे ही आपके साथ ख़ूबसूरती से सारी zindagi भी बीत जाएगी ️
P.S. Paparazzi से गुज़ारिश है के कृपया dinner के बाद हमारी तस्वीरें बाद खींचें क्यूँकि इतना भारी भोजन करके पेट को अंदर नहीं खींच पाता मैं
(A month has passed in the joke! Like this, all zindagi will also pass beautifully with you.

After the wedding, in a conversation with the Bombay Times, Aditya had shared that it had felt like a dream come true as he had finally tied the knot with his 11-year-long love, Shweta Agarwal.

Post their wedding, the love birds had flown to Kashmir for their honeymoon and shared some major couple goals to Instagram users.

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