Nikki Tamboli says ‘Surviving Covid19 is very difficult’, requests fans to “Stay Safe”.

The second wave of Covid 19 is affecting the country pretty bad. Many celebrities tested positive and are using their platform to bring awareness. TV actress Nikki Tamboli is one of them. She recently recovered from Covid 19 and while sharing her experience told fans to follow all the protocols.

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Nikki Tamboli says 'Surviving Covid19 is very difficult', requests fans to "Stay Safe".

The BiggBoss star shared that, “It’s so bad. I have been through Covid and I know how difficult it is to survive. We’re blessed if we have the amenities but for those who’re not getting beds, it’s so difficult to survive. It’s like going through hell,” in an interview.

Further, she urged everyone to follow protocols, “I’d request every one to take precaution because the situation post contracting the virus becomes more difficult. We don’t have the proper infrastructure in place now. It’s always better to take precautions.”I’ve recovered and I’m now trying to boost my immunity. I’m working out a bit, so yes, I’m doing fine. People should understand and follow the lockdown rules, and not be irresponsible like they’ve been in the past few months,” said Nikki Tamboli.

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