Nirmala Sivaraman lashed out on congress, says, ‘what its leaders are doing is more like ‘drama’’

On Sunday, the union finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman lashed out at the leaders of the Congress party over the talk of movements of the migrant workers in the coronavirus crisis. She requested them to come together and help the stranded migrant workers in doing so.

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“Haath jodd Kar mai request kar Rahi hu. (I am folding my hands) I request to Sonia Gandhi, let us speak responsibly and let us deal with the migrant workers responsibly”

“I am urging the opposition party very politely folding my hands and requesting them to come here. We must all come together and help the stranded migrant workers in the crisis” said the finance minister.

It was mention by the finance minister that the centre has joined hands with the various state governments in order to run special trains to help the migrant labourers return back to their homes safely.

“We ensure that lakhs of migrant workers reach their native places get food and the essentials. Yet many are on the roads, walking back home. It is painful.” she said The finance minister asked why congress is not doing something for the relief of the migrant workers in the states ruled by the party.

“I want to ask the Congress party, why is it not doing more anything for these migrant workers in the states ruled by them or where they have alliances. Make arrangements for more trains where you can and help them. Ask for more trains from the centre,” she said.

She said how only sitting with them or talking to them merely, will not solve any problems while they walk back to their homes.

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“Go walk with them, pick up their bags rather than sitting next to them and talking to them,” said Finance minster.

She also added further that it is not the right time to indulge in politics.

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Her comments on the financial tranche on the centre’s financial package were made in her press conference on Sunday. Today’s announcement was focussed on the seven steps taken by the government MNREGA, Health and education-related steps, business and COVID, decriminalization of companies act. Ease of doing business and public sector enterprises along with state government resources
included as well.

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