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Nisha Rawal accuses her husband Karan Mehra of “violence and torcher”, celebs REACT.

The television couple Nisha Rawal and her husband Karan Mehra who were popularly well known as an ideal couple, appalled everyone when their marriage collapsed. Nisha Rawal stunned the audience by making shocking allegations of domestic violence and extramarital affair against her husband Karan Mehra.

Nisha Rawal accuses her husband Karan Mehra of "violence and torcher", celebs REACT.

Following Nisha Rawal’s accusations, Karan Mehra was arrested for lashing out at his wife and taken into custody but later he was released on bail, the following day. In interaction with the media, Nisha Rawal stated that Karan Mehra was having an extramarital affair with another girl, behind her back, as she was completely incognizant about it. When she confronted him about his affair, he admitted that he had another girl in his life. Nisha further asked Karan if it was a serious affair or an emotional one. Karan replied by saying, he loves that girl and he has been having physical affair with her.

Nisha stated that the affair between Karan and the girl started when Karan was distant from his family while shooting in Chandigarh for a TV show. After Karan Mehra’s extramarital affair came to light, Nisha stated that it was obvious for her to react aggressively, but she kept her calm. Nisha told Karan to sit down and converse.

The next day, Nisha went to her in-law’s house and disclosed everything. Her in-laws suggested they work on their marriage. Nisha said that if Karan apologizes and is willing to work on their relationships, then she has no hesitation in trying. But even after all this, he made no attempts whatsoever while she tried a lot.

Seeing Karan’s behaviour over the last 14 years, was not something new to witness. She tried to save his reputation and image as their actors and doing all this could really hamper their careers. They both are parents to a child Every time Karan apologised to Nisha, she used to say okay. She actually wanted to believe him, but then she had to stand up for herself and speak up as domestic abuse is not okay Nisha Rawal’s designer friend Rohit K Verma posted a picture of Nisha Rawal’s bleeding head and penned down a heartfelt note to stand in solidarity with her.

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