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Oxford University’s coronavirus vaccine test on monkeys shows good results

In the race of coronavirus vaccine, Oxford is looking like the winner with its monkeys.
Wherever we look around there is only one thing is common covid-19, and all the world is on way to host the first flag over coronavirus deadly mountain.

The latest news is from London where Oxford University has announced its experimental result of the covid-19 vaccine over 6 monkeys which have a positive response to prevent covid -19.

On the early Thursday, Oxford scientist posted the preliminary outcomes on the vaccine on the preprint server bioRxiv.
Preprint are studies which are not published without the approval of medical or scientific journals. But so many scientists and researchers are releasing it to the public so that they can give hope in the war against covid-19.

This report is based on the vaccination of six rhesus macaques. They are considered very close to human’s genes that make these monkey best alternatives for the experiments of drugs.

The animals were given half of the dose currently being tested in human. The trials on human begin on April 24 among 1,110 people.
The outcomes on these animals are successful as some of the monkeys developed antibody within 14 days and the rest of the vaccinated animals had developed the sign of antibody in 28 days. It was observed that after the vaccination when they were exposed with coronavirus there was no sign of pneumonia and other lungs diseases.

However, the experiment on animals is successful still it is a long journey to cover effortlessly. human trials in process and results are expected to come in early September, and if everything would as expect then by the end of this year we will have the vaccine of the deadly coronavirus.

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