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Pakistan discusses of Islamophobia at the NAM meet and not about combating the COVID 19 pandemic

Pakistan was called to discuss strategies that could help to combat the virus at the
Non-Aligned Movement meet but discussed the strategy to launch the broadside against
India for the mistreatment of Muslim minorities of the country and the Kashmir dispute.
It was spoken of Islamophobia, hate speech usage and incitement of hatred by Pakistan’s
President Arif Alvi in his speech who spoke before PM Narendra Modi did not name India
there was also debate over Scapegoating of a particular community and denial for the
access to medical attention in Pakistan’s immediate neighbourhood.

This has been followed by the alleged vilification of the Muslims in India after being found out that the Talibghi Jammat missionary movement congregation was done to spike the cases of coronavirus in India.

Alvi spoke of how the lockdown in Kashmir was creating a barrier between the medical
facilities and the people living there when it is the most needed thing right now and said how the Muslims are being targetted in India.

“Kashmiris continue to be denied high-speed internet and other facilities,” he said in his
speech while adding that many Kashmiri leaders were still in prison. This was a reference to some politicians being kept in preventative detention after the special status given to
Kashmir was revoked by India under article 370 of the Indian constitution. Many of those who were kept in custody is being released ahead of lockdown that was imposed on 25th march for the containment of the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic.

India was also slammed by Pakistan’s president to try to change the demographic profile of a region which is a reference to the introduction of rules introduced by India for a domicile in Jammu and Kashmir region last month which opened up the avenues for the employment of the Non-Kashmiris as well.

Domicile was redefined as “those who have resided in the union territory of Jammu and
Kashmir for 15 years of period or studied for the period of 7 years in the institutions of the union territory and appeared for the 10/12 examinations”. This agitated Pakistan and drew protests from them.

The NAM platform was used to put India for violating allegedly, the 2003 ceasefires between the two countries. Alvi spoke of heavy sheeling across the de facto line of control in Kashmir it was stated by Alvi that even after the call of cessation from UN of all hostilities across the world for controlling the pandemic, it was continued. All skirmishes and warlike conditions should be stopped and put a halt. He said by placing forward the Discouragement of the intolerance and hatred incitement in the list of demands before Azeri chair of NAM at the meeting itself.

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