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Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan may soon get tested for Covid19

Imran Khan will soon be tested for Covid19 as he met the philanthropist, Faisal Edhi, of Edhi Foundation (a leading charity organisation in Pakistan which runs several shelter houses, old homes, an ambulance network, orphanages, soup kitchens, morgues and other welfare services) on April 15th in Islamabad to receive a Rs. 10 million cheque for the Prime Minister’s Coronavirus Relief Fund, soon after which Edhi was found to have symptoms of the virus and was tested positive. The news broke out on Tuesday afternoon while Khan was attending a cabinet meeting. Television footage showed that the meeting between Khan and Edhi were chaired without taking basic protective measures of wearing masks and gloves.

Pakistan on Tuesday reported 16 deaths from the virus, taking the country’s toll to 192, while the number of confirmed cases are above 9,000. However, several sectors including construction, agriculture, chemical manufacturing, e-commerce, software, paper and paper packaging, fertilisers, mines, glass industry and plant nurseries were allowed to function along with the airports to bring back more than 35000 stranded citizens back to their home country, although there is a lockdown in the country till 30th April. Khan also has to chalk out the plans regarding the conduct of ceremonies for the holy month of Ramadan beginning from 25th April.

The PM’s personal physician and CEO of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, Faisal Sultan said that all the necessary protocols shall be followed which means that Khan may have to self-isolate which further brings us to the question about how will he fulfil his responsibilities if the situation demands at a time when the country needs much of his support.

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