Pashupatinath Temple in MP installs contactless bells for devotees to offer prayers

A good initiative had taken in order to take precautions to contain the spread of coronavirus but also keeping the desires of devotees to follow the ritual process, a temple in Madhya Pradesh has installed a contact-less bell at Pashupatinath Temple in Mandsaur, which work with the help of sensors.

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Ever since temples reopened after lockdown, some of the regular rituals which devotees perform including the ringing of the bell, offering prasad in temples are being avoided.

The temple administration says, “It works on proximity sensor (able to detect the presence of nearby objects without physical contact)”.

And it’s not the just the primary offering by Nehru Khan during this corona pandemic period, because the Class III school dropout has already begun with innovative Light Motor Vehicle Sanitizing Machine and Human Sanitizing Machine. Besides, he has also donated soundless power generators for temples, including the Pashupatinath Temple and Nalcha Mata Temple, both in Mandsaur district within the past.

The earnings from his NK Engineering and Electricals unit has been also been invested by him for daily arranging food for around 2000 people amid this COVID-19 pandemic.

“I don’t want anything for developing the sensor powered bell at the Pashupathinath Temple, all I would like is to wish to the God to rid us all from this killer COVID-19 pandemic,” said Nehru Khan.

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