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PM Modi tweets for the postmen thanking them for working hard in the crisis

Pm Modi retweeted the Union Minister Ravi Shanker Prasad’s tweet on his Twitter
account and wrote” Kudos to the Indian post office network. Our hard-working
postmen for their stupendous efforts in assisting people during hard times.
The news report was shared by Ravi Shanker prasad on Indian post and said “ from
doorstep delivery of essentials, financial transactions, medical equipment, etc to
ensuring food and ration of the needy. The Union Minister holding law and justice,
electronics, information technology, and communication he added that the “ Indian
Post office, during the lockdown, is delivering hope. assurance and happiness to the
citizens through its services.

It has been said that the postmen and the Indian post offices are turning out to be
the lifelines of the country during the pandemic. As they deliver daily essentials they
are also delivering the assurances that we can fight against the pandemic and get
back to our normal lifestyle.
The post offices have become the mode only that can reach the far away situated
people to help them.

Last week, a COVID 19 test kit packed in dry ice arrived from Delhi to get delivered
to the hospitals of Ranchi.
Earlier on 14th April PM Modi thanked the nation for its collective fight against the
pandemic and the hardships faced especially by migrant workers during this period
and announced the extension of the lockdown till May 3.
As of 5 pm, Saturday the total number of coronavirus cases has reached 24,942
while 779 have died due to the virus.

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