PM Modi’s meet with CMs: States seek to focus on higher testing and special package for poor

Prime minister Narendra Modi will meet the chief ministers on Tuesday to discuss the current situation amid the coronavirus pandemic. States are likely to enhanced focus on testing of people and a special package with a direct cash transfer to the poor.

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State governments fell, with the ending of the lockdown in the nation, the number of coronavirus cases may increase. The 21 states, which are meeting PM Modi in the first round, have a total number of 19,000 cases with over 130 deaths.

The northeast states, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and opposition ruled states, Punjab, Jharkhand, Kerala and Chattisgarh will meet the Prime minister on Tuesday will be the sixth round of meeting that Modi will conduct with Chief ministers. The first meeting took place on 20 March.

Governments of the states feel that unlocking the states and opening up of economic activity, coronavirus cases may increase. They also believe that while the situation is under some control, more testing should be done.

The ministers have said that they are finding the solution for the issue of financial crises of poor, farmers and migrant labourers.

“A package that gives them immediate relief, not loans, is necessary and the Centre should ensure that. States to need more autonomy in this fight and therefore financial the assistance should be given to states to take care of the economic fallout,” the minister said.

The state government had planned to provide a special package with a direct cash transfer to the poor who have been struggling with financial crises throughout the lockdown.

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Government has also decided to enhance the testing of people in public areas to detect whether a citizen has coronavirus or not.

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