Prime minister Narendra Modi appreciate the south Korea while discussing the Covid-19 pandemic with the president of South Korea and Uganda


Prime minister Narendra Modi appreciate the south Korea government for providing the medical supplies and supporting the crises during the lockdown. They both had their telegram conversation because of lockdown. The prime minister Narendra Modi appreciate the south Korea while discussing the Covid-19 pandemic diseases and to overcome the problem. Sufferings of lockdown: trade loss, less medical supplies, financial crises. South Korea is giving support.

“Korea continues the trade”

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During this lockdown they was no export and import. It had been stopped because of lockdown. As they is no export and import, price of the goods increases and people are struggling to buy them due to lockdown. Lockdown had made the individual financially low , in this situation if the price is high?

Entire world is facing serious financial crises and it is hard to face the situation. The people of low wages are struggling due to increase in sales rate. The greatest advantage for Indian government is Korea never going to stop their import. Their provide the medical supplies which is essential during the lockdown.

“Appreciation of both government”

It was hard to support the family. But only South Korea continues the trade and they provides the medical supplies during this pandemic outbreak. Korea and Uganda government appreciate the Indian government. Because there are many Korean people who are staying in India for an purpose. The Indian government never fails to protect them, it stands as an support. They was an expansion of lockdown, if it expands it is hard to support the medical supplies and equipment needed for the affected Individuals. Is the lockdown expands?

“Lockdown expands”

India is presently going through an unprecedented complete lockdown of three weeks, ending on April 14, to prevent the spread of the virus. Due to Covid-19 India is facing financial crises which refers as the refers as each citizen in India is facing the financial crises. Many schools and colleges had been converted as medical care centres to treat Covid-19 patients and as research centre. Their is no medicine for thi pandemic disease, many doctors had undergone the research to fight against the bio war. Because of this many schools and colleges are converted into medical centres, research areas and shelter for migrant workers. when the school are converted into care centres it will entire affects the Indi who are living there. This makes the native people to move to other places and that becomes another crisis. so, Government made entirely lockdown to cities and towns. This is the result of expansion.

“Covid-19 attack in South Korea”

Covid-19 breakdown is increasing large compared to India. South Korea also comes one among the ten countries in Covid-19 attack. Even though, it is ready to do export on medical services. Covid-19 breakdown affects not only India but the entire world. World had been lacking the peace and people are struggling to overcome the pandemic disease Covid-19.


It will be very difficult to overcome the financial loss. Economic slowdown is large in china, Spain and France, In next case, is India where it shown a value. The government given more effects to control the spread of Coronavirus. It must be made use by the people and have to follow the rules and stay at home. Only the individual are responsible of the spread of the disease. As an individual, we have some certain responsibility. Those must be followed to stay healthy and for the purpose of future generation.
so, Be aware, face the situation, and only we can do.

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