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Punjab government decides to hike the prices of medical education in the state

Irrespective of the protest by the students, the state government has decided to hike the prices for the MBBS course in all government and private colleges, while the fight against the pandemic is going on. the reason given by the government for this hike is said to have a better education quality and infrastructure that is better in nature for students.

To this, the cabinet gave its agreement for the decision. The fees for the MBBS course in government colleges was last notified in 2015 and for the private colleges, it was notified in the year 2014.

It was said by Finance Minister, Manpreet Singh Badal that the initial college fee was not enough for the colleges to run. Hence it was necessary for the hike to be introduced.

Due to the sudden and huge rise in the index of price the colleges are facing certain difficulties for fiscal issues and to meet the needs of the medical council of India for which the introduction of fee hike was made a necessary decision.

The state government said that it was unable for the colleges to provide a better facility to its students and give them quality education in the current fee of the course and that this was to be done for a long time, which forwarded them to raise the fee for the terms. This initial step was not supported by the students and they went down to protest and demanded to change the rules as the students said that government colleges were charging much less fee. The government has now decided to burden both the students of private and
government colleges.

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