Rahul Gandhi says, ‘India will cross over 20 lakh cases by August 10’.

Coronavirus pandemic has left whole world in deteriorating condition as almost each and every country is affected by the virus. It has taken many lives globally and stopped the world mechanism physically, mentally and economically. Amidst the pandemic, government of India had announced complete lockdown for past two months in the country but now in the unlock process it is seen that the number of positive cases are increasing at a regular pace.

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On 17th July Friday, Congress leader-Rahul Gandhi tweets in Hindi on current situation of the country and he tweets that-
“10,00,000 mark has been crossed.
If Covid-19 will keep on spreading at this ratio than by 10th of August, there will be more than 20,00,000 active cases.
Government should undertake strict actions in order to stop the spreading of this pandemic.”
Rahul Gandhi in his tweets warns the nation by giving the ratio of active cases of Covid-19 and predicting the future conditions. He also urges the government to take certain steps in order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Here’s the link to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet:

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