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Reports Says Apple’s Next Watch Might Track Users Anxiety Levels

The Apple watch series 6 which is supposed to be available later this year alongside the iPhone 12 series is reported to come with sleep tracking features and anxiety monitoring. Preliminary reports on the Apple watch suggest it might be able to determine panic attacks and when a user is under stress. XDA developers’ Max Weinbach in a series of tweet wrote “The watch is then supposed to learn over time what symptoms occur before and during the panic attack. Eventually, the goal is to detect a panic attack before they happen, warn the user beforehand and offer assistance (such as breathing exercises).

The Tweet was composed by Tech blogger Nikias Molina. The watch will also be able to track users mental health as well as other features like mental health abnormalities detection, sleep tracking, pulse oximeter, s6 chip and a longer battery life. The watch is said to have features like Blood oxygen monitoring, watch face sharing, kids mode, improved water proofing, Touch ID etc. According to 9to5 Mac rumors, the watch could see a loosening of rules around Apple watch faces.

The new watch is to be announced in September 2020. The watch could also be working on under water screen tech, which means that it can be used when submerged in water like swimming and diving. The watch has a kids mode that enabled location tracking using LTE to harness the find my iPhone features. Rumors also points that the kids mode used overhauled version of the fitness rings to make it easier for children to understand. The blood oxygen is the first for the Apple watch. According to the tweet “similarly to high heart rate notification, the users would be able to look through the history of their detected panic attack and see how the watch behaved. The user can also manually specify the symptoms in order to further increase the accuracy”.

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