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RIC virtual conference: Jaishankar says need to follow the ethos of international relations

External affairs minister of India i.e. S Jaishankar on Tuesday gives a discreet warning to China regarding the backdrop of a tense border dead-end and addresses the world that they should act perfectly by respecting international law and acknowledging the interests of partners in a multilateral set-up and following the ethos of international relations. While making an announcement, Jaishankar didn’t refer to any country in his statement at a virtual meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia-India-China (RIC), but it seems to be a little uncertainty about whom he was speaking to.

Therefore, Jaishankar added that “to build durable world order, it is necessary to respect international law, needs to recognize the reasonable interests of the partners by supporting the principle of participation of the governments of different countries. In 45 years, a terrorize activity between Chinese and India troops in eastern Ladakh’s Galwan Valley on June 15 had resulted in the killing of 20 Indian soldiers which is been termed as the country’s first tragedy in an encounter between two different nations over the contested line of actual control (LAC). Also, he mentioned that during the telephonic conversation with the Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on June 17, the outcomes of preplanned actions of the Chinese army team resulted in the violence and the casualties to change the status of affairs along with the line of control.

At the RIC virtual conference, Jaishankar deliberately told that the purpose of organizing this special meeting emphasizes our belief on the principles of international relations. But unfortunately the challenge today is not just about the one concept and following the norms, but equally practice and respecting the same. It was been computed that the comments of the external affairs minister are been seen as an indirect indication to China which has been adopting by them as a hostile behaviour along its land boundary with India, therefore, increasing its activities within the Indian Ocean region. Jaishankar gives an acknowledgement by making an initial remark that India did not get its due appreciation in the global order post World War II and also the historical injustice has stood as uncorrected for the last 75 years since the world has changed.

The world has to realize this that it is important to rectify the past about the contribution made by India. Jaishankar also added that we the RIC (Russia-India-china) country have consequently remained active participants in shaping the global agenda so, with the hope in its mind, India tends to come together with both the countries on the value of respect for the international law. Earlier, India was not ready to join the Russia-India-china trilateral foreign ministers’ meeting discussing the Galwan Valley clashes issue but later on, after receiving a request from Moscow, India finally agrees to participate in the conference.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov responded in a particular way related to the dispute between India and China on the Ladakh border issue that both the countries,” don’t require any sort of help from any other countries” while highlighting that New Delhi- Beijing showed their commitment towards a peaceful resolution. External affairs minister also said that the United Nations which began with 50 members; today it has almost 193 members so I am quite confident that the decision regarding the international affairs taken by United nations making cannot continue to be denied on this reality. This Russia-India-china meeting which was organized by Russia demands a special session to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945. During the second Sin-Japanese war which happened in 1938, Dr Kotnis was one of the five Indian physicians who was been sent to China to provide medical support during the second Sin-Japanese war.

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