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Rohit Shetty is helping the paparazzi financially who are out of work due to the lockdown

The novel Corona virus has effected the livelihood of many. A sudden stop or hault we can say has created a lot of problems for the people. Be it the private sector workers, government assistants or daily wage workers ,everyone has been affected.

The financial condition of daily wage workers and many others have become vulnerable. People are finding it difficult to earn money in this lockdown situation , especially those who earned their meal on everyday basis. The lockdown has taken away the daily wage workers of their earnings. Delivery boys, and daily wage workers are either out of jobs or have seen a sharp drop in their income. For daily wage earners, a noticeable number of the migrants, the lockdown has come like a situation of earthquake that has shattered everything for them –at short notice, giving them little time to prepare for the consequences and scaring them to take away everything they had managed to build and save for themselves and their families.

In this difficult time Bollywood director/ producer Rohit Shetty has come forward to help some people.
The paparazzi earned its living through the medium of the celebrities and their activities in the Bollywood and entertainment industry but now since there is no activity going on the paparazzi has lost the source of their income.
Therefore to help them rohit shetty is providing financial help to them in this critical time. He is providing funding and direct cash deposits in the accounts of the people of the photographers and other known media persons of him .

It is really a big step that the former has taken because in this time everyone is gathering stuff be it money or groceries , and therefore no one is willing to give stuff to anyone because no one knows when the lockdown will get over and when the earnings of the people will start. Viral Bhyani on Instagram wrote In hard times the film industry is hit so bad and one man who has come forward and helped the Cine employees with his donation has also now gone an extra mile to help the paps. Our hertfelt gratitiude to #RohtiShetty for supporting the families of paparazzi photographers by directly sending out payments to their bank accounts.

We all wishing #rohitshettypicturez and #Sooryavanshi a roaring success.,” .
It is rohit shetty’s grace that he has taken a step forward and has helped the people in such difficult times. Observing rohit’s such a big step farah khan has also appreciated him. This man surely deserves respect because of his generosity many people are getting financial help to support their livings.

The lockdown has effected people in the worst of the worst ways . It has stolen the basics that are necessary for a person to live , the beggars and the lepers, the vendors are also drastically affected by the current situation , the government surely is contributing and providing funds to the needy people but it is difficult for the government to provide stipends or funds to such an enormous population of india , therefore one should help each other in every possible ways because we all are in this together .
Watching rohit shetty many of the actors are coming forward and are helping others.

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