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ROYAL ROOM, rent in LAKHS, Sid-Kiara’s wedding venue is a blast!!

Kiara and Sidharth’s wedding rumours were abuzz for some time now and the couple will reportedly be taking the next step in their relationship in a royal manner. Rest assured that no expenses are being spared for their union. Around 150 VVIPs will reportedly attend this high-profile wedding along with guests from the cinema industry. Special security arrangements have been made to monitor the security of the VVIP guests who have been invited. At the same time, 70 luxury vehicles have been booked for the guests. This includes Mercedes, Jaguar and BMW. Especially curated travel and tour packages will allow the guests to soak in the Rajasthani culture and enjoy the cuisine. 

ROYAL ROOM, rent in LAKHS, Sid-Kiara's wedding venue is a blast!!

The Suryagarh Palace hosts most of the destination royal weddings and is popular for giving luxury experiences to their guests. The hotel has 84 rooms, 92 bedrooms, 2 large gardens, an artificial lake, a gym, an indoor swimming pool, villas, and 2 big restaurants among other facilities. For a destination wedding, the cost of one day without alcohol in the months of April to September is said to be around Rs 1.20 crore. On the other hand, around Rs 2 crores per day is charged for bookings in the tourist season from October to March.

Since Sid and Kiara’s wedding is a three-day affair and the festivities are being organized during peak tourist season, the expected venue cost will be upwards of Rs 6 crore. If couture, private travel and other arrangements are included, the cost of the wedding will turn out to be higher. The estimated price of Sid-Kiara’s wedding would easily make it one of the most expensive events in Bollywood.  

The heritage hotel confirmed the same in reaction to a paparazzo post on Instagram about the wedding being planned from February 4-6.

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