Sachin Tendulkar indulges in a fun challenge and also nominates Yuvraj Singh for it, check it out here.

Yuvraj Singh along with his other comrades, begin the fun challenge i.e. ‘‘keep it up” challenge. In this challenge the task is to try to bounce the ball on the edge of the bat while nominating the aforementioned cricketers in doing this, he mentioned that; the challenges are just the piece of cake for Rohit Sharma, but somehow bit challenging for Harbhajan Singh, who is a baller.

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The basic and the foremost motto of this challenge is to stay strong and keep oneself immune during this pandemic. Here, the lesson is to keep up while this situation is going on, instead of having subtle deviations, the message has given to remain strong enough to beat this coronavirus. This novice idea, when played by Yuvi with Sachin Tendulkar gives him a back shot by the nominations done by Sachin Tendulkar for Yuvraj, on this, 47-year-old Yuvraj commented, for how can he beat such a god to him. By saying these lines, he put himself down in front of his senior.

All the four players including Rohit Sharma, are the part of Mumbai Indians squad before. But since Sachin is retired from this game, so, Harbhajan is presently part of Chennai super kings squad.

As all these are the things which can make people remain quite motivated because this is the situation, where the survival is getting very arduous. Working on vaccines is happening so far, which all the results research are getting vain at this time from Monday, May 17, 2020, almost all the things are gonna opening but the protection and security are in our hands. So, keeping this in mind he committed to remaining indoors, till the situation will not come in hands.

Moreover,’’ you can win foundation ‘’which is led by Yuvraj Singh is aiding poor people as well, which again considers to be him as sterling and splendiferous asset for our country.

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