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Satish Kaushik’s wife denies the “murder conspiracy”.

The sudden death of actor Satish Kaushik shocked the entire Bollywood industry. He died on 9th March 2023 because of cardiac arrest in Delhi. It was reported that before his death he had played holi at the farmhouse of Vikas Malu.

Satish Kaushik's wife denies the "murder conspiracy".

Vikas Malu’s wife came forward to say that relations between Kaushik and her husband were not good. They were in a business deal and there were financial crises between them. Vikas Malu’s wife also openly said that her husband was behind the death of Kaushik and murdered him. She further said that her husband owed Kaushik 15 crore and was unable to repay him and hence decided to kill him. Kaushik’s wife came forward and declared these statements as baseless and fake. She said that there was no such deal between the two. She said, “The cops have verified everything. I don’t understand how she is claiming that he had been administered drugs and murdered. I don’t understand why she is trying to defame my husband after he has passed away.”

The official postpartum reports declare no foul play and said the cardiac arrest was the reason for the death.

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