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Schools in Delhi Patparganj converted into a shelter for migrant workers


Schools of Delhi Patparganj are converted to shelter for migrant workers due to Covid-19. There was a lockdown for the workers not to go to their villages because of pandemic disease. And also lockdown, not roam in the cities and towns. This made the workers to move to their native place. so, The government allowed the school for the migrant workers. Many schools and hostels were converted into care centres to look after the patients affected by Covid-19.

Lockdown of the migrant workers

The workers who were moved from there villages to city in search of job and to support their family financial standard The migrant workers will work for the low wages in many cities and towns. Their will earn to support the day because of the Covid-19 breakdown, There were not allowed to work. so, these workers planned too move to their villages. The superintendent of police blocked these workers blocked every workers not to move from the cities. As there will stay in roadsides of the cities, now due to lock down the had no places for shelter. The government of India had converted many schools to provide a shelter for a migrant workers. Not only for the migrant workers but also for the patients any schools and educational institutions are converted as care centres to treat the Covid-19.

Schools are converted to shelters

In Delhi Patparganj, schools are converted as shelters for the migrant workers from villages. The workers from villages approaches city to support their families financial and emotionally. In cities these workers will work for low wages and help the families financially. There wages are very low which is enough to support for one day, Due to lockdown there is no many to support and to stay. so, the schools are converted as shelters. Their also provided with the medical services. The people made their travel through walking. It is too long, It takes approximately 500- 600 miles, workers rejected the provided buses and decided to walk to their villages. The police requested them but no one is ready to obey them. Covid-19 breaks the normal men lifecycle. It had to face the situation by staying home because without any expenditure it is impossible to lead the family. When the workers came to know, job are stopped due to Covid-19, their decided to leave the city and move to their villages. Migrant workers belong to various villages, not from single native. when their are locked by police, their are decided to make the travel by walking. Lockdown had come with Covid-19. people was facing the problem and difficult to overcome.

Financial crises

Due to Covid-19 India is facing financial crises which refers as the refers as each citizen in India is facing the financial crises. Many schools and colleges had been converted as medical care centres to treat Covid-19 patients and as research centre. Their is no medicine for the pandemic disease, many doctors had undergone the research to fight against the bio war. Because of this many schools and colleges are converted into medical centres, research areas and shelter for migrant workers. when the school are converted into care centres it will entire affects the Indi who are living there. This makes the native people to move to other places and that becomes another crisis. so, Government made entirely lockdown to cities and towns .


Covid-19 had became the thread to entire world, not only migrant workers are affected but also many banks and people are affected at the major extent. The effects due to corona virus is abandon and uncountable. Any were died because of this pandemic disease. As their is no medicine and doctors were struggling to find them.
The countries such as china, Spain, France had faced huge loss. These workers rejected to go through buses and travelled to their villages by walking due to their lockdown, in order to avoid the crowd UPSRTC had announced not obstruct the movement of buses carrying the migrant workers from Delhi and other parts. scientists reveal first microscopic image of novel corona viruses. But the people and doctors must reveal the first medicine for this pandemic disease. people must be more aware to prevent them. Again, Cleanliness is next to godliness.

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