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Shweta Tiwari wins her son’s custody, husband gets visitation rights.

Shweta Tiwari has been going through a lot in her personal life, and things seem to be finally looking up for her. Her husband, Abhinav Kohli was accused of domestic abuse, and the actress had sought divorce back in 2017. However, the divorce did not seem to end things between them.

Shweta Tiwari wins her son's custody, husband gets visitation rights.

Tiwari’s son Reyansh is 5 years old and the kid has to see his parents separating from each other. Tiwari had first filed a case against her husband due to domestic abuse. However, Kohli had recently pleaded in court to increase the time for the son’s custody. The actress said “This is what I wanted and I am honestly satisfied with the judgement, Abhinav would follow me everywhere I went in the last two years, he would end up in Delhi or Pune or wherever I travelled with Reyansh for my shows and create a ruckus. It was mentally exhausting for both, me and my child. He would not stop at that and would create a scene and end up at my doorstep anytime.

Upon asking about the situation “I had always allowed him the right to visit Reyansh. In fact, as per the previous court order, he was only supposed to speak to Reyansh on a video call for half an hour but I never stopped them from talking more because I understand. But that same person went on to paint me as a bad mother, someone who doesn’t care about and is neglecting her child’s health. I work for my family and to give them a good lifestyle, what’s wrong with that? But he kept using that against me and I am glad that the court dismissed those allegations.

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